Meet Me

Hey there, I’m Ariel!

Long story short: I love Jesus, my husband, my pup, and CREATIVITY!

Since a young age I have loved all different mediums of art. I experimented with many different artistic expressions including sewing, drawing, leather binding, bracelet making, painting, and more! In my early middle school years, I first tried my hand at Adobe Photoshop and through the years, it has been the one medium that stuck with me.

When I graduated high school, I started my first office job as a front desk administrator. Within just two years, I had become in charge of print marketing and design for the company as well. At this same time, I became heavily involved with volunteering at my church. One of the ways I volunteered was by helping with design promotions, social media, and branding. These experiences truly solidified my love for graphic design.

Over the past eight years I have kept that passion for art through the medium of graphic design and marketing. I have worked with many companies and organizations creating logos, branding, print work, tee shirt design, and so much more! In that time I have also become a wife & dog mom. My husband and I are now youth pastors at our church, and I oversee our graphic design and media.

Art and creativity are not just a passion of mine, but a true love. I don’t feel like “me” if I cannot create and design. I am “at home” when I am dreaming, creating, and expressing myself through art in some way. I hope that I can help you to dream, create and express yourself through YOUR passions, by coming alongside your project and bringing it to life.